XCSF Endorses Issue 7 – May 2, 2023

Xenia Community Schools Foundation Board Announces Support for Issue 7

The Board of Directors of the Xenia Community School Foundation is announcing its support for Issue 7 (Renewal) on the May 2nd ballot.
Xenia Community Schools is on the ballot this May to renew a operating levy that support day-to-day learning in the district, and do not represent a new tax for the Xenia community.

Issue 7 will help fund  operating expenses only. Operating funds provided by this income tax support staff and academic resources for classroom instruction and other critical school functions. The 0.50% annual income tax for current expenses is for a 7 year period. The current income tax, up for this renewal, expires at the end of 2023.
“Providing a quality education, as well as safe and modern facilities for our children is of upmost importance for both the students and the strength and well-being of our community,” said XCSF Board President Steve Brodsky. The XCSF Board of Directors has unanimously agreed to endorse passage of the issue. Passage of Issue 7 will enable the Xenia Community Schools District to continue to provide a quality education for Xenia students.

“We have already seen the difference new buildings can make as a result of the new elementary school buildings. The community and students will soon experience modern facilities for our middle school. This, which along with the newer elementary schools, will benefit not only our students, but the community as a whole. In addition, adequate operating funds are a necessity.” Brodsky said.

The Xenia Community Schools Foundation is dedicated to enriching the academic pursuits of all students, faculty and staff within the Xenia Community Schools. The Foundation has provided grants for teacher and classroom enrichment programs and scholarships, from the investment income of the Foundation, for the past thirty years. The Xenia Community Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Steve Brodsky, President
Xenia Community Schools Foundation