Application Guidelines


1. The applicant is to be the individual primarily responsible for the project, unless a
person-in-charge is designated on the application.

2. Applications may be submitted at any time. They must be typewritten, or completed and submitted online, and should not exceed three doubled-spaced pages.

3. Recipients must submit a written project status update midway through the project and complete a written final evaluation of the project. The evaluation form will be submitted to the XCS Foundation Board within 30 days of completion of the project. Photos related to the project that can be used for publicity purposes must be submitted with the status report and the final evaluation. Grant recipients must have the necessary permission from parents/guardians to use the photos in XCSF publications and on its website.

4. Proposals submitted by teachers and/or residents of the community must be
reviewed and approved by the building principal and approved by the Xenia Community Schools District Curriculum Supervisor.

5. Generally the funds will not be used: to purchase major equipment or for field
trips unless they are a vital component of a larger strategy; for capital
improvements; to supplant public funds; for food items; or as compensation or rewards for

6. If you can obtain or will receive matching grants, please include this information with the application.

7. The Foundation will accept applications and approve grants on a continuing basis. The Grants Committee, appointed by the XCSF Foundation Board of Directors will meet quarterly to review applications, determine merit and prepare recommendations to the Board. Proposals will be funded based on content, practicality, implementation and potential educational value.